About Me

Science Fiction/Fantasy has been my favorite genre since childhood. To me crafting an intriguing story is as important as building the essence of a unique world. I love creating complex characters, bringing out both the good and the bad in humans and non-humans. Masters of classic science fiction, such as Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Gene Roddenberry are as much my heroes as the most contemporary masters of the craft.

In addition to writing science fiction for adults, middle grade and young adults, to pay the bills I’ve sold encyclopedias, worked in retail sales, added up the numbers as an accountant, clicked the computer keys as an administrative assistant and drove the rambling roads as a Real Estate agent.

But I always come back to the story.

My stories are written with the hope and wish that humans can overcome their barbaric tendencies and let their better natures shine bright as the stars that grace our heavens.
I grew up with four brothers in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently live in Cabot, about 30 miles north east of the big city. My office window overlooks rolling farm fields sectioned by thick rows of trees. A flock of mallards calls a small lake their summer home and insist on a handout when I walk by. I’ve seen several great blue herons, red-winged blackbirds, a muskrat and numerous other visitors. This is where I most enjoy living. Except in the winter when it snows!

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