Or Facts of Life

If you hate hurricanes and want to avoid them at all costs, move to within 350 miles of the equator.

Thanks to our sun turning its body into light, twenty trillion neutrinos whiz through each of our heads every second. Scary? Maybe. I’m sure glad they don’t hurt.

In about 1.1 billion years the sun will give off 10 percent more energy than it does today. Doesn’t sound like much does it? But that will be enough to boil away our oceans and sterilize Earth. I don’t think humans will be around to see it happen.

How come hydrogen, the most common kind of atom, doesn’t have a neutron in its nucleus while all other atoms do?

99 percent of species that ever existed on Earth are now extinct.

The moon wasn’t always where it is now. It has been spiraling away at a rate of one and a half inches a year since its creation four billion years ago when a Mars-sized body whacked Earth and sent debris into the sky.