IT’S HERE:              HONOR’S BOND

I’m please to announce that HONOR’S BOND, the first book in the Bond series, is available as an ebook and softback book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. and also ebook stores such as Kobo.


BK00031923Ex-Star Service pilot Rand MacGregor must calm his raging mind, hide his fury, if he has any hope of capturing a dangerous, mind-reading shape-shifter. Seizing or killing this enemy is the challenge facing not only MacGregor, but also the administrators of the QaeSar Space Station and the crew of United Earth Star Service cruiser Eddington.

When an attack on his shuttle is followed by an explosion that endangers the massive QaeSar Space Station, site of the Mariin Quadrant trade conference, MacGregor must use all his training and skill to avert a disaster. But it is his covert EspR abilities that identify the assassin who terrorizes the conference representatives stranded on-board Eddington. It soon becomes apparent that MacGregor is the only one with the psychic power necessary to confront this adversary. To do so, the pilot must overcome a horrific personal assault and, working closely with an old nemesis, use his exceptional abilities to capture or destroy the sensuous shape-shifter before she can complete her mission.

WARNING: If you like five-eyed, eight limbed aliens chasing a desperate, down-trodden human race, don’t read HONOR’S BOND. You’ll be disappointed and I don’t like disappointing my readers.

But, if you like your science fiction populated with a few heroes, a little mayhem and a bit of mystery, give HONOR’S BOND a try. Please let me know what you think. Leave a review on Amazon or a comment here or email me at


The second book in the Bond series, DUTY’S BOND will be available soon.


Coming sooner: HONOR’S PATH – prequel to HONOR’S BOND. To keep his promise to a dead friend, Rand McGregor risks, not only his freedom, but his life to get his 17-year-old godson, Assiim Mashordek, to the boy’s ancestral home planet before Earth authorities capture the pair.

Appropriate for both Young Adult and Adult readers.


Also in the works:

A Young Adult story of a shape-shifter who uses his special talents to keep his family and friends safe, not only from the drug dealers in his city neighborhood, but also the threats from otherworld aliens.